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Top-tier visual solutions at Studio Fourteen for graphic design and digital imaging.
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Put it all together with our one-stop marketing solution, CA14: website development, social media, strategic marketing, content creation.
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Graphic Design

Experience meets creativity to produce compelling design solutions.

WE DESIGN visual identities/brands/logos, ads, websites, books, magazines, newsletters, folders, posters, brochures, packaging, exhibits and more.

We are registered graphic designers in Ontario.

RGD certification


Have confidence in the quality, value, timeliness and flexibility of our print service.

WE PRINT just about anything that can be printed, economically, and with a high degree of quality and customer service.

If “do-it-yourself” is more appealing, check out our online print store…


Technical skills and a flair for art combine to provide stunning imagery.

WE CREATE elegant and unique digital illustrations for editorials, blogs, website hero images, consumer ads, magazines, print collateral and more, and provide detailed and complex photo editing for any assignment.


The Studio Fourteen Advantage

The Process Advantage

We Listen

Before we begin working on a solution, we listen, strategically problem solve and collaborate, then deliver.  Our design skills and talents are matched by our desire to understand a client’s business as well as their needs.  

The Experience Advantage

We've been there

Studio Fourteen has provided graphic design and related creative services to both the public and private sectors for many years and in a number of industries, including Technology/Industrial, Retail, B2B, Arts and Culture, Government and Education.

Our success is a result of our belief in customer service, care of execution, integrity, cost effectiveness and timeliness.

The Size Advantage

We're Lean

Even though we are now part of CA14, an evolution that transformed us into a full-service creative enterprise, Studio Fourteen can still operate as a compact sole proprietorship – efficient, and without the overhead that drives up prices in larger agencies.

In this, the best of both worlds, we are agile enough to compete at the level and scope found at large firms, forming teams for some projects, or we can keep it simple and streamlined when required. Either way we provide maximum value for our clients.


Who we are

Experienced senior designers with RGD certification*

Peter F. Perko RGD
Principal, Creative Director, Designer and Imaging Specialist

Tiziana Manierka RGD
Senior Designer, Art Director and Layout Guru

MORE POSSIBILITIES… Find out more about us and our exceptional marketing team at CA14  HERE


Our clients

Other clients have included tech companies like CTI-Amphenol and Caledon Labs; public sector agencies like the RCMP and the Georgetown Hospital Foundation; arts organizations like the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios, Book Summit Toronto, and the L.M. Montgomery Museum and Literary Centre, along with all the clients we work with through CA14.

Studio Fourteen is currently a Vendor of Record for the province of Ontario, and Humber College.